Detailed Version 3.2
Updated Mar 2024

Simplified Version 2.0
Updated Feb 2024

Earth Transit: Global Major Passenger Rails & Trains

Properties: A transit map of world’s primary passenger railways.
Languages: English & Local Languages
Format: Digital, PDF and JPEG
Tools:Adobe Illustrator

Purpose: I have been fascinated with transit maps since a very young age. This project started with one of my random thoughts: many vloggers and YouTubers have uploaded videos of their adventures on the Trans-Siberian railways, so how realistic is it to rely solely on ground public transportation to travel around the entire world? That question sparked my project. I titled this project ‘Earth Transit’ to emphasize trains, buses, and ferries as sustainable options to make our travels greener and more enjoyable. Additionally, I want to use this map to highlight areas where public transportation is insufficient and to suggest ways to improve it.


1.This map only shows major passenger rails in the World. However, in US, Australia, and some other parts, the map could be more detailed as trains would be depicted.

2.This is the beta version, which means a lot of errors and mistakes could be on the map, please give me corrections and suggestions so that I can improve.

3.This is the first time I use illustrator, if there is any format inconsistency, please also notify me.